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Moisture on Outside of Cabinet - Built-In Refrigerator

Possible Solutions

Is the room humid?

A minimum amount of condensation is normal, especially during higher humidity conditions. If you live in a humid area, it is normal for your refrigerator to have a certain amount of humidity on the freezer or refrigerator.

Humid room air causes moisture to build, especially when the doors are opened often. Avoid excess moisture buildup by minimizing door openings. Get all items out at one time, keep food organized, and close the door as soon as possible.

Improper sealing of the gaskets on the refrigerator or freezer doors could also cause humidity to form. Check the seal around the outside doors and the freezer door to make sure nothing is obstructing the gasket seal.

Are the controls set correctly?

Certain refrigerators are equipped with a separate control to prevent exterior moisture from forming on the vertical hinged seal. Within the seal is a heater that warms the surface to prevent exterior moisture.