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How to Calibrate the Measured Fill Feature

Calibrating Measured Fill on Your KitchenAid Refrigerator 

Household water pressure may affect the accuracy of the Measured Fill feature. So, for optimum performance of your water dispenser, you must first calibrate Measured Fill. For best results, calibration should be performed when water is not being used in the house and after the refrigerator's water system has been flushed.

Calibrating the Measured Fill feature will vary by model number; please refer to your Owner's Manual for specific information.

CLICK HERE for information on flushing the water system

How to Calibrate Measured Fill?

  1. Place a sturdy measuring cup (1 cup [237 mL] size) on the dispenser tray centered in front of the ice/water dispenser paddle.
  2. Touch and hold the MEASURED FILL button for 3 seconds. The Calibration and Measured Fill icons will illuminate and remain lit while the Measured Fill feature is being calibrated. NOTE: You may touch any button to exit Measured Fill at any time in Calibration mode. 
  3. Press and hold the water dispenser paddle to dispense water to the 1-cup fill line in the measuring cup. If overfilling or spilling occurs, discard the water and restart the calibration process.
  4. When 1 cup of water has been correctly dispensed into the measuring cup, touch the center of the ring button to confirm the calibration.
  5. When Measured Fill calibration has been confirmed, the Calibration icon will disappear, and the display will return to the home screen.
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