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Ice Clumping in Ice Bin - Side by Side Refrigerator

Possible Solutions

Is the ice maker used regularly?

If ice is not used regularly, it could clump and fuse together. This is considered normal. Gently break the clumps up with a plastic utensil.   

Are the doors opened frequently or for a long time?

Frequent door openings or leaving the doors open for a long time can let in humid air. Keeping door openings to a minimum will help, but may not completely eliminate the ice clumping, especially in homes with no air conditioning.  An incomplete seal of the gaskets on the freezer doors could also let humid air into the freezer. Check the seal around the outside doors to make sure nothing is obstructing the gasket seal.

Does the ice bin need to be cleaned?

If the ice bin is not regularly cleaned, ice particles can build up in the ice bin and can cause clumping.  The ice bin should be cleaned with water and a soft cloth. Ensure the ice bin is fully dry before returning it to the freezer. 

Is the temperature set correctly?

If the freezer is not cold enough, it could cause the ice cubes to slowly melt and clump together.  The recommended temperature is 0o, but you may need to set the freezer to a lower or higher temperature depending on the surrounding conditions. For directions on how to set or change the temperature for your refrigerator, please see the "Using the Controls" section of the Owner's Manual. 

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