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How to Install the Water Dispenser Tube Assembly

How to Install the Water Dispenser Tube Assembly on your  KitchenAid Refrigerator 

Make sure the water dispenser tube assembly has been properly reconnected.  The connection can either be found on the top of the refrigerator door or in the bottom base grille.  

Top of Door Location

  1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the cover from the Top Hinge.

  1. Disconnect the water dispenser tubing located on top of the door hinge.

Style 1 

Press the outer ring against the face of the fitting and gently pull the dispenser tubing free.

Style 2

Firmly pull up on the clasp. Then, pull the tubing out of the fitting.

  1. Reconnect the water dispenser tubing.

Style 1

Insert the tubing into the fitting until it stops and the outer ring is touching the face of fitting.

Style 2

Insert the tubing firmly into the fitting until it stops. Close the clasp around the tubing. The clasp snaps into place between the fitting and the collar.


Base Grille Location

  1. Unplug refrigerator or disconnect power.
  2. Open both doors to 90°. Remove the base grille by removing the two screws, then pulling out on the outside corners.

 NOTE: The doors must only be opened to 90°. If they are opened all the way, the base grille will not come off.