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KitchenAid Product Help

Will Not Close

Possible Solutions

Is the door latch/lock blocked? 

Ensure the door latch is not blocked.  Below are some common items that may prevent the microwave from closing or opening:

  • Packing and/or shipping material
  • Dish or bakeware.  Ensure the dish is the correct size for the microwave, an oversized plate will prevent the door from closing. 
  • Check that the cooking rack (if equipped) is not out of position and not allowing the door to close.

Is the microwave on a level surface?

Place the microwave oven on a flat and level counter, table, shelf, or cart, that will not block the opening or closing of the microwave oven door

Does the door contact area need to be cleaned? 

Check to make sure there is no soil build up on the door contact area

CLICK HERE to watch a video on cleaning 

Was the button CLOSE button pushed? 

Some models will have an OPEN or CLOSE button on the display that automatically open or close the microwave oven drawer. 

Touch OPEN or CLOSE to automatically open or close the microwave oven drawer.

To avoid damage to the microwave oven drawer, do not push or pull the drawer manually, except in the case of a power failure, when the controls are not functioning. If it is necessary to manually open or close the drawer, push or pull the drawer gently.




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