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Will not turn on

Possible Solutions


  • The Food Chopper Work Bowl and lid have a Safety Locking Mechanism that must be properly assembled for the Food Chopper to turn on.
  • The most common reason for the food chopper to not turn on is improper assembly.
    • All parts may appear to be aligned, but it's important to assemble in the correct order to ensure success.

Depending upon which model you  have, there may be different methods of assembly:

KFC3100.pngKFC3511.jpng.pngKFC3516 Chopper.jpg

Click here to view a video of  how to properly assemble your food chopper.


1.  Place work bowl on base, and if your model  has a handle, slide the handle from the left to right and center in the front of the chopper.

2.  Drop the blade into the chopper and push down.  Some models have blades that "click" into place.

3.  Attach the chopper lid, sliding from left to right front center to align the locking mechanism.

If these suggestions did not help, please Contact Us or visit our Service Locator.

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