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KitchenAid Product Help

Shuts off while in use

Possible Solutions

KitchenAid food processors may shut off if overheated.  

  • Once allowed to cool completely (up to 30 minutes),  they should resume.


Food Processors manufactured after 2011 have a current limiting device to help protect against overheating and over load.

  • If processing a heavy load such as shredding cheese, chopping meat or making bread this limiter could trip.
  • Besides allowing the unit to cool, there are additional steps that need to be taken in order for it to resume.

The models with this device have squared buttons, as shown below, and come in various sizes.


BPA FP Button pic.png


Food Processor Stops While in Use and Will Not Resume:

To reset the limiter any of the following will work:

1.  Fully remove the entire pusher assembly (wide mouth) - to disengage interlock

2.  Release the lid and re-lock it (again to disengage interlock)

3. Unlock bowl assembly and re lock (disengaging interlock)

4.  Unplug from wall socket and plug back in.


If these suggestions did not help, please Contact Us or visit our Service Locator.

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