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Workbowl cover will not close

Possible Solutions

Are you using a slicing or shredding disc?

  • When using a slicing or shredding disc make sure the disc is fully seated on the food processor shaft.  
  • Push down and twist to make sure it drops into place, to allow the workbowl cover to close.

Are you using a mini bowl or a chef's bowl?

Chef and Mini Bowl.png

  • Use only the mini multipurpose blade with the mini work bowl.
  • Mini work bowls cannot use slicing or shredding discs.

NOTE:  Some models have a chef's bowl which is larger than a mini bowl.

Slicing and shredding discs can be used with the chef's bowl.

Red Seal

Food processor red seal.png

  • Some models have a red seal on the work bowl cover which can make it a little more difficult to attach the lid.
    • The red seal prevents liquids from leaking out of the work bowl.
  • Putting olive oil on the lid will help make it easier to close the lid.
  • If you are not processing liquids, the seal can be removed.
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