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Beater not reaching ingredients in the bottom of the bowl

Possible Solutions

Have you tried lowering the beater on your mixer?

  • If the beater is too high, it cannot reach and incorporate the ingredients.
  • If the beater is too low, it can hit the bottom of the bowl and the white coating can chip off the bottom of your beater.
  • The clearance is adjusted at the factory, but can change over time, and  can easily be raised or lowered.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to easily adjust your beater to bowl clearance for optimum performance by performing the "Dime Test"

Note:  The "Dime Test" works for stainless bowls only, not glass or ceramic. Due to the nature of glass manufacturing the clearance will be slightly different, and adjustments should be made without the dime, until satisfied with mixing performance. It may take slightly longer for yeast dough ingredients to come together in a glass bowl.



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