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Dough climbing up the dough hook

Possible Solutions

  • Kneading for 2 minutes on Speed 2 in a stand mixer is the equivalent of 10-12 minutes by hand.  When the dough starts climbing up the dough hook, it is usually an indication that kneading has been completed.  Over kneading can cause bread to be tough.
  • Sticky dough will tend to climb the dough hook and even climb over the collar of the dough hook.
    • Dough that contains eggs tends to be stickier and climb the hook more easily.
    • Most specialty grains, but especially rye flour, form sticky dough and will climb the hook more than white flour dough.


  • Adding a little more flour (1Tbsp. at a time) will help the dough to not climb the hook as much.
  • It is important to realize, however, that some dough will have a stickier consistency and not try to overcompensate with additional flour because it will make the bread too dry.


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