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Smoothtop Radiant Cooktop Element Cycling On and Off

Element Cycles On and Off on my KitchenAid Cooktop

Does the Radiant Heating Element Cycle On and Off?

If so, check the following:

  • The surface cooking area may glow red when a heating element is ON.  
  • Some parts of the surface cooking area may not glow red when a heating element is ON.
  • The warming zone element (on certain models) will not glow red.
  • Radiant elements have a limiter that allows the element to cycle ON and OFF, even at the HI setting, to prevent damage to the ceramic cooktop.  This is normal operation.
  • The radiant heating element retains enough heat when off to provide a uniform and consistent heat.  The surface will still be hot even though the element has cycled OFF.
  • Cycling at the HI setting is normal and can occur.

Cooktop Radiant element.jpg

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