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Using the Warming or Simmer Feature

Using the warming element or the simmer feature on your KitchenAid Cooktop

Please see your Owner's Manual for specific information on your model; touch control models offer many different control options.  

Warming element (on some models):

The warming element feature can be used to keep cooked foods warm. When the warming element function is used, it will not glow red like the cooking zones, but the indicator light will glow on the control panel. The warming element area will not glow red when cycling on. However, the hot surface indicator light will glow as long as the warming element area is too hot to touch. The warming element feature can be used alone or when any other surface cooking areas are being used, and can be set from 'Low' to 'High' for different heating levels.

To Use:

  1. Push in and turn the warming element knob to the desired setting.
  2. Turn the knob to OFF when finished.

How to use warming element knob

Simmer feature (on some models):

The simmer feature setting is an adjustable heat setting for more precise simmering. 

To Use:

The simmer feature control knob has two settings: Simmer and Normal. When the control is set to Normal, the element will function as a single, a dual, or a triple element. 

When the simmer feature control knob is set on Simmer, the cooking area will not glow red. This is normal. Only the outer heating ring will glow red on the triple circuit element when medium or high simmer is selected.

  1. Turn the simmer feature control knob to the SIMMER position.
  2. Push in and turn the control knob to a setting between Low and High settings. Select Low for a low simmer or when using lids and medium for a high simmer or when not using lids. Select either the Single, Dual, or Triple Zone setting. Increase heat as necessary to achieve the desired simmer. 
  3. Turn the simmer feature control knob back to the NORMAL setting when finished cooking.

Simmer feature control knob with Simmer and Normal settings

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.

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