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Long Pre-Heat Times - Gas and Dual Fuel Range

Possible Solutions

How long does it take the oven to preheat?

Preheat times will depend on the element type, oven size, and desired temperature.  Ovens with a visible heating element with all racks in will preheat to 350°F in 12-15 minutes (+/-)  5 minutes.  Ovens with a hidden bake element will preheat to 350°F in 20 minutes (+/-)  5 minutes. If the desired temperature is higher than 350°F the preheat time will be increased. 

Did you open the oven door during preheat?

Opening the oven door allows heat to escape and the oven to cool.  The temperature variances caused by repeatedly opening the door may extend preheat times.  Avoid leaving the door open for an extended period of time.

Did you leave unused oven racks in the oven?

Remove any racks not being used for oven operation.  Unused racks left in the oven will add to the preheat time.

Does your oven have a hidden bake element and a larger oven cavity?

A hidden bake element provides a buffered heat and will take longer to preheat than an exposed bake element.

Current model ovens have a larger oven cavity than past models and will take longer to preheat.

Was an entire oven rack or oven bottom lined with aluminum foil?

Do not cover an entire oven rack or the oven bottom with aluminum foil below the baking pan. This can block good airflow. 

Is your range/wall oven installed on 208V instead of 240V?

A range/wall oven installed on lower voltage, 208V, will take longer to preheat than one installed on 240V.

If you live in a building that has an elevator, the oven is installed on 208V and it will take longer for the oven to preheat.

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