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Understanding Fan or Humming Noise in Oven

Understanding Oven Sounds in My KitchenAid Appliance

Standard Oven or Range

If you hear a humming noise, fret not. The cooling fan may be operating or running. The oven is equipped with an automatic cooling fan that runs when the oven is in use and/or after a cycle completes.

It’s normal for the automatic cooling fan to run when the oven is in use and/or after the cycle completes. The automatic cooling fan helps cool the enclosed oven cavity, and the electronic controls when the oven is in use and/or after the cycle is complete. 

Convection Oven or Range

It is normal for the convection fan to operate during preheating when using non-convection functions. You may also hear the convection fan operating or cycling in ANY cooking function.

The reason the convection fan runs is to provide better baking and cooking performance. The convection fan may cycle on/off for short intervals during preheat, depending on the model, to optimize preheat times and provide uniform oven temperature. It may also run or cycle in ANY cooking function, besides just a convection cycle. This does not change cooking time on non-convection functions.

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