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Plug Doesn't Line Up - Wall Oven

Possible Solutions

Is the rack in the correct location? 

Ensure the roll-out extension rack is properly installed and lined up.  Insert the roll-out rack into the lowest rack position.  Extend the rack.

Is the base pan in the correct location?

Make sure the Base Pan is properly placed. Base Pan “feet” should fit neatly on the 3rd and 10th spaces (from the left) on the rack. Once placed, gently slide the Base Pan back until it locks. 

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Did you hear a tone sound?

Once the Base Pan is connected to the power hub a tone will sound and an icon will appear on the display.

NOTE: There is approximately a 2-second delay before the tone sounds. If you do not hear a tone, pull the Base Pan with heating element out fully and fully reinsert it. Wait for a tone.


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