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Using the Steamer - Wall Oven

Pour approximately 4 cups (960 mL) of water into the Steamer Water Basin, and then place the Perforated Steamer Tray onto the Steamer Water Basin. The +Steamer Attachment was designed to hold 6 servings of food. Arrange food in a single layer on the Perforated Steamer Tray with space around each piece. Cover with the Steamer Lid.

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Steam Assist Mode

The Steam Assist Mode combines the dry heat of a convection oven with steam to create a humid environment for cooking, enhancing the flavor and texture of foods. It is ideal for items like cheesecake, breads, and a whole chicken or turkey, as it results in a moist interior and perfectly browned exterior of the food.

The Steam Assist Mode uses the +Steamer Attachment. When cooking with the Steam Assist Mode, do not use the Steamer Lid. This will allow the steam to escape and fill the oven cavity during the cooking process.

Tips for Use

  • Like-sized pieces will cook more evenly.
  • Different types foods, such as fish and vegetables, may be cooked at the same time without mixing their flavors.
  • For best results, choose foods that cook for approximately the same length of time.
  • Always open the Steamer Lid away from you to allow steam to escape.
  • Opening the oven and removing the Steamer Lid frequently during steaming will affect the quality of the food. Check food only when necessary.
  • When using Steam Assist for foods like cheesecake, place the food in a standard pan and set it directly in the Perforated Steamer Tray; set it inside the Steamer Water Basin, but do not cover with the Steamer Lid.
  • When using Steam Assist for items, like bread or poultry, place the food in a regular pan, according to baking instructions, and place it on the standard rack above the +Steamer Attachment.



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