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Temperature Chart - Warming Drawer

Warming Drawer Temperature Chart

Different foods require different settings to maintain the ideal serving temperature. Use the following chart as a guide.

  • You can set the drawer temperature anywhere between Lo and Hi. For best results, meats, seafood, and poultry should be set to medium or higher.
  • Cover food, if desired, to maintain heat and moisture.
  • When keeping several different types of food hot, set the drawer to the food requiring the highest temperature setting.
  • Place item(s) requiring the highest temperature on the bottom of the drawer and those items requiring the lowest temperature on the rack.
Food Setting Food Setting
Bacon Med to Hi - DRY Ham Med Hi - MOIST
Beef, medium and well-done Med to Hi - MOIST Hors d’oeuvres (crisp) Hi - DRY
Bread, hard rolls Med - DRY Lamb Med to Hi - MOIST
Bread, soft rolls Med - MOIST Pancakes, waffles Hi - DRY

Casseroles - with a crisp top


Med - DRY


Pies, single crust Med - DRY
Gravy, Cream Sauces Hi - MOIST Pies, double crust Med to Lo - DRY
Coffee cake Med - MOIST Pizza Hi - DRY
Cooked cereal Med to Hi - MOIST Pork Med to Hi - MOIST
Eggs Hi - MOIST Potatoes, baked Med - DRY
Fish, Seafood (no breading) Hi - MOIST Potatoes, mashed Med to Hi - MOIST
Fish, Seafood (breaded) Hi - DRY Poultry Hi - DRY
Fried foods Hi - DRY Vegetables Med to Hi - MOIST



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