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Not Grinding - Burr Grinder

Possible Solutions

Is it plugged in?

 Check to see if the Burr Grinder is plugged into a grounded 3 prong outlet. If it is, unplug the Burr Grinder, then plug it into the same outlet again. If it still does not work, check the fuse or circuit breaker on the electrical circuit the Burr Grinder is connected to and make sure the circuit is closed.

Are the burrs obstructed or worn?

Check for foreign objects may be jamming the cutting burrs. If the motor runs but doesn't grind the cutting burrs could be worn. Try cleaning the cutting burrs.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on KitchenAid Burr Grinder Cleaning.

Did the grinder stop abruptly?

If the Burr Grinder is operating normally but stopped abruptly, turn off the Burr Grinder. A coffee bean, may have jammed the cutting burrs. Clean the burrs.

Is the grind is too coarse or fine?

 If the grind is too coarse, or the Burr Grinder isn’t producing an acceptable range of grinds adjust the burrs for a finer or coarser grind.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on Burr Adjustment of Grinder.


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