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Toast Function - Countertop Oven

Using the Toast Function

Recommended Rack Position

Use the middle slots along oven walls—slide in the rack. The two reversible racks offer the flexibility of 6 height options. Flip the rack to use at each level if desired.

Up to 6 slices of bread may be placed directly on the rack for toasting. Both the top and bottom heating elements heat when this function is selected. The experience will teach you how much time to use for toasting various kinds of bread. Frozen, dark, or whole-grain slices of bread require a longer time. Fresh, soft, or white pieces of bread need shorter time.

Toast Function

  1. Toast up to 6 slices of bread. When toasting only 1 or 2 slices of bread, center the bread in the oven. For best results, place the bread to be toasted directly on the rack.
  2. Close the door
  3. Rotate the Function control knob to the TOAST setting
  4. Starting from the Off position, rotate the Toast control knob to your desired setting: Dark, Medium, or Light. Based on your preferences, you can set the Toast control knob to any of the dot icons in between Light and Dark to choose a customized toast setting. The Power On indicator light will turn on.
  5. When toasting is finished, the end signal will sound, and the Compact Oven will shut off automatically. Rotate the Toast control knob to the Off position if removing toast before the end signal sounds.

Additional Information

  • For the Toast setting, the Toast control knob works as a timer instead of the Time control knob. The Toast setting will not function properly if the Time control knob is used.
  • The first batch of toast is typically lighter than the selected setting if toasted in a cold oven. Run an empty TOAST cycle at Medium to preheat the oven or choose a darker setting for the first batch only.
  • It is normal for condensation to form on the door when toasting moist or fresh slices of bread.
  • If the top of food item browns too fast, lower the rack position or reduce the oven temperature. If the bottom of food item browns too quickly, raise rack position or reduce the oven temperature.

Tips for Toasting

  • Make sure to center the bread in the oven for the best results if toasting only a few slices.
  • Both sides will toast without flipping the bread.
  • Bagels should be toasted cut side up, using the "Bagel" setting to brown the top and warm the bottom.
  • If the bread or bagel is frozen, use the "Frozen" setting to allow extra time to defrost while toasting.


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