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Warm Function - Countertop Oven

Possible Solution

Recommended Rack Position

Slide the rack in the lower slots along the oven walls. We recommend beginning with the rack in this position and adjusting the rack as necessary, depending on the desired results. Only the lower cooking elements heat when the Warm function is selected.

Warm Function

  1. Rotate the Function control knob to the WARM setting.
  2. Rotate the Temperature control knob to WARM. Warm is the lowest temperature setting available. For faster heating, increase the temperature as desired.
  3. Rotate the Time control knob to the desired setting. The Power On indicator light will turn on.
  4. If removing food before the end signal sounds, rotate the Time control knob to “0” (Off) to shut off the Compact Oven. Then, remove the food.

Additional Information

When setting for 5 minutes or less, rotate the Time control knob past the 10-minute mark; then, turn back to the desired time.



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