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Proofing in the KitchenAid Bread Bowl

Proofing in the KitchenAid Bread Bowl

  1. If necessary, hand knead the dough on the counter so it forms a smooth round ball. Return to Bread Bowl.


  1. Place the dough in the bread bowl and dust the top of the dough with a bit of flour. Use a hand to turn and coat the dough in flour, then cover the bowl with the Baking Lid. Let the dough rise for 60 minutes. Use measurements marks* on side of Bread Bowl for visual rising level.


NOTE: *Marks are for visual reference only and will depend on recipe size used.

  1. Uncover the bowl and gently pull the dough from the bowl onto a generously floured surface.


  1. With dough in a rough round in front of you, pinch the top of the dough, stretch it away from you, then fold it into the center of the dough like you are folding an envelope. Give the dough a slight twist and do the same thing to the portion now at the top. Continue turning, stretching and folding the dough into the center for three to four full circles. (You will notice it gets harder to stretch the dough as you work.)


  1. After the final stretch and fold, flip the dough over, fold side down. Gently place both hands on each side of the round and gently curl your right palm around the right edge while using your left hand to rotate the round on the surface. This action will smooth the dough into a round mound.


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