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Pulp Chute Positioning - Juice and Sauce Attachment

Pulp chute position for Juice and Sauce Attachment

The pulp chute controls how much fibrous material or pulp exits through the juicer chute.

Pulling the pulp chute out closes the chute, increasing the amount of pulp and fiber for your sauce recipes.

Juicer pulp chute out.jpg

Pushing the pulp chute in opens the chute, reducing the amount of pulp for your juice recipes.

Juicer pulp chute pushed in.jpg

Additional Information

Remember to open the pulp chute when using high or low pulp screens. Keeping the pulp chute open will prevent the Juicer from locking up.

The rubber gasket on the bottom of the Juicer needs to be in place to reduce the loss of juice into the pulp chute. Only remove the rubber gasket if you want the juice to flow into the pulp ejector.


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