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Why Sifting is Important - Sifter+Scale Attachment

Why Weighing and Sifting is Important?

Baking is often more science than art. Precision is imperative to success. 

Weighting flour and other ingredients is the only truly precise method.  Using volume as a measurement can lead to significant variation in the ingredients used. The image below shows the impact on the end result = the bread on the right used 16% less flour, which allowed the yeast to rise into a lighter, fluffier bread. 

  • Breaks up lumps (notice the flour lump in the unsifted cake), which allows dry and wet ingredients to mix well
  • Aerates flour to create a lighter, fluffier result (notice the "bubbles" in the sifted cake."
  • Avoid the need to overmix stand "deflate" the cake batter (notice that the unsifted car has a heavier, flatter, "unbaked" look.)

bread - sifted.png


Benefits of Sifting and Weighing

It's easy to be a better baker.  If you don't prep right, things turn out wrong.  Quickly and easily achieve fluffy, consistent results with the revolutionary Sifter+Scale attachment. This all-in-one baking tool accurately measures, thoroughly shifts, and automatically adds ingredients directly to your mixer bowl in just one step.
Precision makes perfect Precise measurement is a critical part of baking success. An easy-to-use digital scale measures ingredients by weight for a higher level of precision so baked goods turn out the way they should. 
Hands-free, fluffy results Hands-free shifting gives more consistent mixing and fluffy baked goods while leaving more time for the baker to take care of other tasks.  Compared to unsifted ingredients
Fewer Steps Combined scale, sifter, and chute handle multiple stages of prep work in one step.
Less Mess Avoid countertop mess and dirty fewer dishes.  Chute neatly funnels weighted and sifted ingredients into the mixer bowl, and can also swivel to funnel ingredients into a separate container without spilling. 
Add ingredients gradually Chute slowly incorporates ingredients into the bowl while the mixer is running for optimal results.
Versatility The sifter can be removed when weighing ingredients, such as chocolate chips, that don't need to be sifted.
Scale can be used separately The battery-operated digital scale can also be used separately on your countertop with an included scale plate.
Generous capacity Weigh and sift multiple ingredients at the same time in the attached hopper, which can hold up to four cups of dry ingredients at a time.
Powered by the mixer Attached the Sifter+Scale to the power hub of any KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Then, experience hand-free sifting as the sifter gradually incorporates ingredients into the mixer bowl. 
Easy to Clean All parts except the scale are dishwasher-safe.

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