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Tips For Sifter + Scale Attachment

KitchenAid Sifter + Scale Attachment Tips


  • Use dry ingredients only with the Sifter+Scale attachment.
  • Do not feed brown sugar through the sifter, as it may clog the screen.
  • Ensure your dry ingredients have no hard or large clumps before feeding them through the sifter. As with any sifter, clumps will not be broken up during the sifting process.
  • Ingredients such as flour can vary widely in density. We recommend measuring these ingredients by weight, not volume, to achieve the most consistent results.

Clearing Jams

  • If ingredients become jammed in the sifter, turn the mixer off and use a spoon to clear the jam.


  • If the ingredients are sifting faster than desired, you can use the ingredient valve to limit the rate at which ingredients flow into the sifter.
  • When releasing ingredients, it may be necessary to flip the valve back and forth 1-2 times or tap the hopper to ensure all ingredients are released.
  • The scale's maximum capacity is 1,000 g / 2.2 lbs / 2 lbs 3 oz, and the scale measures in increments of 1 g / 0.002 lb / 0.05 oz.
  • The ingredient hopper does not lock into place. If using a tilt-head Stand Mixer with the sifter attached, be sure to remove the ingredient hopper before lifting the mixer head to avoid tipping or falling off the sifter.
  • You may wish to place the lid/scale plate on top of the hopper to reduce dust when sifting.

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