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How to Remove the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl from the Stand Mixer

Removing the KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl from the Stand Mixer

  1. Be sure the Stand Mixer’s speed control is OFF and the Stand Mixer and Precise Heat Mixing Bowl are both unplugged.

Removing Heat Bowl_1.png

  1. If necessary, remove any accessories from the Stand Mixer.

Removing Heat Bowl_2.png

IMPORTANT: Attachments may be hot. Allow them to cool before removing.

  1. For Bowl-Lift Stand Mixers: Place the bowl-lift lever on the Stand Mixer in the down position. Pull up on the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl to disengage the snap-lock, and lift to
    remove the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl from the bowl-lift arms.
    For Tilt-Head Stand Mixers: Tilt the Stand Mixer motor head back. Turn the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl gently in a counterclockwise direction on the clamping plate to remove.

Removing Heat Bowl_3.png

  1. Remove the stainless steel bowl liner from inside the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl base by turning it to unlock, then lifting the liner out of the base.

Removing Heat Bowl_4.png

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