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How to Use the Temper Mode - Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

Using the Temper Mode for the KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

Tempering refers to the melting and cooling of chocolate to prepare it for dipping, recipes such as truffles, and molding chocolate candies. The tempering process gives the chocolate a glossy, smooth finish and a “snap” when bitten into. The goal is precise, rather than rapid heating, and can take 30-35 minutes. A nice, gradual rise in the temperature prevents hot spots and provides accuracy.

  1. Press the MANUAL/CHOCOLATE mode button two times. The Chocolate indicator will flash, and the temperature will display.

Temper Mode_1.png

  1. Press the START/CANCEL button. “Preheating” will display.

Temper Mode_2.png

  1. During preheating, add 3/4 of the chocolate into the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl. Be sure not to fill past the “max fill” line. Use chocolate made for melting, or add the chocolate in small pieces for best results.

Temper Mode_3.png

  1. After approximately two minutes of preheating, the chocolate will begin to visibly melt. Begin stirring. Use the flex edge beater and the STIR setting on your Stand Mixer.

Temper Mode_4.png

  1. Once the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl is preheated, a tone will sound. The display will flash between “104°F” and “Add.”

Temper Mode_5.png

  1. When you are ready to add the remaining chocolate, press the TEMPERATURE/TIME” selection toggle button. Add the chocolate in small amounts until the desired temperature is reached.

Temper Mode_6.png

  1. As indicated on the digital display, the temperature slowly reduces to cool the chocolate. The chocolate is ready for use when “In Temper” is displayed.

Temper Mode_7.png

Changing the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Press and hold the large round button for 3-5 seconds to change the display from F to C.

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