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Precise Heat Mixing Bowl Tips

KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl Tips

Display and Times

In the Preheat Mode, the display will not reflect the temperature accurately, as the sensor encounters cold and warm spots. When done preheating, the steady-state temperature will be accurate.

The Precise Heat Mixing Bowl does not heat quickly in the Manual or the Tempering Mode.

When to use the Lid

Put the Lid on the bowl if you are simmering or need to go above 190 degrees to help maintain and hold the temperature. The Lid allows the unit to retain more heat than is allowed to release, thus reaching higher temperatures. Without the Lid, heat is being quickly released through the top.

Splashing is Occurring

If splashing occurs, ensure the bowl is not filled past the Max fill line.

Not Recommended For

Rice or risotto, as these will bounce around in the bowl.

Accessories that Can be Used

The diameter of the bowl is the same as that of the Artisan. Still, it is important to use the smaller-sized accessories (flex edge, whip, dough hook) because the beater-to-bowl clearance is slightly different due to the white plastic outer bowl.


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