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Stand Mixer Speed Control Guide

Speed Control Guide

All speeds have the Soft Start® feature which automatically starts the Stand Mixer at a lower speed to help avoid ingredient splash-out and “flour puff” at start-up, then quickly increases to the selected speed for optimal performance.

NOTE: The speed control can be set between the speeds listed in the chart to obtain speeds 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 if a finer adjustment is required. Do not exceed Speed 2 when preparing yeast doughs as this may cause damage to the Stand Mixer.

Speed Accessory Action Description
Stir table1 point.JPG Stir For starting all mixing procedures, slow stirring, combining, and mashing. Use to add flour and dry ingredients to batter, and to add liquids to dry ingredients. Do not use Speed 1 to mix or knead yeast doughs.


table2 point.JPG Slow Mixing For slow mixing, mashing, and faster stirring. Use to mix and knead yeast doughs, heavy batters, and candies; start mashing potatoes or other vegetables; cut shortening into flour; mix thin or splashy batters.
4 table3 point.JPG Mixing, Beating For mixing semi-heavy batters, such as cookies. Use to combine sugar and shortening, and to add sugar to egg whites for meringues. Medium speed for cake mixes.
6 table4 point.JPG Beating, Creaming For medium-fast beating (creaming), or whipping. Use to finish mixing cake, doughnut, and other batters. High speed for cake mixes.
8 table5 point.JPG Fast Beating, Whipping For whipping cream, egg whites, and boiled frostings.
10 table5 point.JPG Fast Whipping For whipping small amounts of cream, or egg whites; for final whipping of mashed potatoes.

NOTE: To move the speed control lever with ease, lift slightly up as you move it across the settings in either direction.

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