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Malfunction/Fail to Operate- Stand Mixer

Possible Solution

Does your Stand Mixer warming up during the use?

The Stand Mixer may warm up during use. Under heavy loads with extended mixing time periods, you may not be able to comfortably touch the top of the unit. This is normal.

Does your Stand Mixer may emit a pungent odor?

The Stand Mixer may emit a pungent odor, especially when new. This is common with electric motors.

Is your flat beater hits the bowl?

If the flat beater hits the bowl, stop the Stand Mixer.
CLICK HERE for more information on assembling the Stand Mixer.

Is your speed control lever does not move smoothly or easily?

To move the speed control lever with ease, lift slightly up as you move it across the settings in either direction.

Is the fuse in the circuit to the Stand Mixer in working order?

If you have a circuit breaker box, be sure the circuit is closed.

Has the Stand Mixer over heated?

Turn off the Stand Mixer for 10-15 seconds, then turn it back on. If the Stand Mixer still does not start, allow it to cool for 30 minutes before turning it back on.

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