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Stand Mixer Maintenance

How to Maintain KitchenAid Stand Mixer

You can easily make several adjustments at home to get the best mixing performance from your stand mixer. Make sure to check each of these periodically.

Signs that your mixer needs to be adjusted:

Your stand mixer is adjusted at the factory so that the flat beater just clears the bottom of the bowl. If, for any reason, the flat beater hits the bottom of
the bowl or is too far away from the bowl: you can correct the clearance easily.

  • The beater hitting the side of a bowl lift mixer means that the bowl has not been adequately snapped into place, even though it may appear level.
  • Ingredients on the bottom of the bowl not being incorporated means the beater is too high.
  • Tilt-head not locking into place means the beater is too high.
  • The white flat beater is chipping on the bottom or the beater hitting the bottom means the beater is too low.
  • Due to the nature of glass manufacturing, the clearance will be slightly different, and adjustments should be made without the dime until satisfied with the mixing performance.

Neckpin adjustment - tilt-head mixers only 

Is the silver “pin” sticking out or moving while you mix?