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Ram Won't Go Back Up - Trash Compactor

Possible Solutions

Is the ram up?

The drawer will open only when the ram is fully raised.

  • To raise the ram on models with a Key-Knob (or KeySwitch): Turn the Key-Knob (Key-Switch) to START and release.
  • To raise the ram on models with push-button controls: Press OFF and then press ON. 

Is the Solid Cycle or Compress Cycle engaged?

Using Compress (Locked) Cycle The Compress (Locked) Cycle extends the use of the bag by putting constant pressure on the trash to keep it from springing back. Regular use of a compressed cycle can increase bag capacity of up to 25 percent. During Compress Cycle, the ram will stay in the down position for extra compacting. The drawer is locked and cannot be opened when the ram is down. For best results, use the Compress Cycle for at least 30 minutes at a time. 

  1. Lift and pull the handle or press the foot pedal to open the compactor drawer. 
  2. Set a compactor Compress Cycle switch to ON.
  3. Close drawer.
  4. Press the foot-actuated START button in with your toe to start the compacting cycle.

NOTE: During the compacting cycle, the drawer remains locked until you press the foot-actuated START button to raise the ram.


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