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Smoke and Steam - Wall Oven

Smoke and/or Steam while using the Power Attachments

Is the Oven Smoking? 

Should you notice smoke during a cooking cycle, it is time to self clean the oven. Once the current cooking cycle is over and the +Powered Attachments have cooled down, remove them, along with the roll-out rack for powered attachments and begin a Self-Cleaning cycle.

CLICK HERE for information on Self-Cleaning 

Grill Attachment is Smoking

Once cool, remove the +Powered Attachment, +Grill Attachment, and Base Pan from oven. The Base Pan and all +Powered Attachments are dish washer safe. Clean +Grill Attachment and/or Base Pan by hand washing or place in dishwasher.

TIP: Add 1 cup (240 mL) of water to the base pan when grilling to avoid smoke generation (recommended if broiling greasy/fatty foods such as burgers, rib eye steaks, etc.).

Smoke/steam from oven changes the User Interface (UI) (false touch)

If steam from the oven affects the UI, simply hit the Back button once to return to the preheat/cooking timer. If steam has completely canceled the cooking mode, use the UI to return to previous cooking setting and restart the cycle.



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