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Rinsing Rice - Grain and Rice Cooker

Why Rinse Rice Before Cooking? 

Rinsing rice before cooking removes the starch that sits on the grains' surface and helps create a light and fluffy result. Cooking with starchy, unrinsed rice can lead to a gummy, clumpy, or sticky texture, which may be undesirable depending on the recipe you’re creating.

Do you Need to Rinse Rice Before Boiling it?

Whether or not you need to rinse your rice depends on your recipe. If you’re working with basmati, jasmine, sushi rice, or brown rice, rinsing is recommended to create a fluffy, separate consistency. 

Dishes like rice pudding, porridge, and risotto benefit from the rice’s surface starch, which creates their sticky, creamy texture.

For more information on how to properly rinse rice, CLICK HERE



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