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How to Make Pasta by Using Pasta Press

Making Pasta by Using the KitchenAid Pasta Press

IMPORTANT: When using the Pasta Press, do not wear ties, scarves, loose clothing, or long necklaces; gather long hair with a clasp.

  1. Prepare pasta dough—form dough into walnut-sized balls. The Pasta Press is designed to be used with pasta dough only. To avoid damaging your Pasta Press, do not insert anything other than pasta dough.

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  1. Choose the right pasta plate and set the Stand Mixer speed accordingly.
    CLICK HERE for more information on different types of pasta plates and their respective mixer speed.

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  1. Slowly feed walnut-sized dough balls into the hopper; dough should self-feed through the auger. Wait until the auger is visible before adding the next piece.

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  1. Use the combo tool to push dough only if dough becomes caught in the hopper and no longer self-feeds.

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  1. Use the cutter to cut pasta at the desired length as it exits the press. For recommended lengths, choose the right pasta plate.

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  1. Separate pasta after extrusion. Pasta may be cooked immediately. If drying, dry in a single layer on a towel placed on a flat surface.

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